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Julien cont'd

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It is one of the reasons he became a purveyor of authentic African arts and crafts.

Julien has walked the hills and deserts of African villages and communities in search of genuine hand-crafted textiles, statues, carvings, and

one-of-a-kind pieces to sell. He looks forward to bringing them to the festival.

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Moza Mjasiri Cooper (left) and Gail Jennings (center) co-founders of the Juneteenth Heritage Festival in 2012 - Leimert Park

King's Pepper is a blend of herbs and fiery spices that's based on a West African recipe.  It's the key ingredient in the flavor packet of our African Taco kit. 


The African Taco is a mashup of LA street tacos and a black eyed pea fritter popular in West Africa.

They are Vegan, Healthy and Delicious!




To celebrate FREEDOM, we are offering a BOGO FREE on our

African taco kits!  

Customer pays $8.55 shipping.

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